In 2008, Connie Culp became the first person in the USA to undergo a successful full face transplant. Connie became horribly disfigured after her husband shot her in the face with a shotgun in a failed murder/suicide attempt. Connie’s face was destroyed after the shotgun blast shattered her nose, cheeks, mouth, lips and eye, but miraculously she escaped with her life.

The operation took 22-hours and 80% of Connie’s face was replaced with the face of a women that recently died. Doctors rebuilt her nose and were able to repair some of the disfigurement that Connie suffered to her face.
Here is a recent interview with Connie Culp, after her face transplant has had two years to heal:
Modern science is pretty amazing, but the most bizarre and shocking part of this story is that Connie claims to still love the man that blew her face off with a shotgun and plans to be there for him when he gets out of prison. WTF?!


Sheyla Hershey is the Brazilian-born Texas housewife with an obsession with having the worlds biggests tits. Sheyla’s latest round ofplastic surgery went horribly wrong and nearly killed her. I almost felt bad for the poor girl after it appeared that she came to her senses in an interview she gave in early September:
Hershey has finally come to terms with her illness and says that she is finally ready for all theimplants to be removed.
“I decided to go smaller — a lot smaller. I just want a normal size like a housewife has,” she said.
“I know it’s going to be a lot of pain on me because I love to have them, but I realize that my family comes first and I love my daughter and son and they come first.
Then, lo and behold, just a few days later (literally!), Sheyla wrote the following on her website:
Hello everyone just thought give you all a quickly update! I’m at home recovering from my surgery on Thursday. Everything went well and now rumors are saying that i lost my title, wrong, to me lose the tittle I have to stay a year without the implants. And I’m pretty much sure, that in couple month I will be sexy and beautiful with my breast back.
How sick and pathetic is that?!