Sheyla Hershey is the Brazilian-born Texas housewife with an obsession with having the worlds biggests tits. Sheyla’s latest round ofplastic surgery went horribly wrong and nearly killed her. I almost felt bad for the poor girl after it appeared that she came to her senses in an interview she gave in early September:
Hershey has finally come to terms with her illness and says that she is finally ready for all theimplants to be removed.
“I decided to go smaller — a lot smaller. I just want a normal size like a housewife has,” she said.
“I know it’s going to be a lot of pain on me because I love to have them, but I realize that my family comes first and I love my daughter and son and they come first.
Then, lo and behold, just a few days later (literally!), Sheyla wrote the following on her website:
Hello everyone just thought give you all a quickly update! I’m at home recovering from my surgery on Thursday. Everything went well and now rumors are saying that i lost my title, wrong, to me lose the tittle I have to stay a year without the implants. And I’m pretty much sure, that in couple month I will be sexy and beautiful with my breast back.
How sick and pathetic is that?!


  1. That's the biggest I've seen so far. I wonder if she doesn't mind the weight of those things as long as she has the biggest in the world :)

    Shannon from Nose Reshaping in Mexico

  2. Don't judge her because she wants to live her life differently than you do. You're the pathetic one

  3. Your the pathetic one. Don't defend idiocy.