Mia Lee – Lip implants before disappearing from TV entirely?

Mia Lee was a local Los Angeles tv host until the end of last year, when she was replaced. She has not yet popped up on a new network. Before she vanished, she added some lip implants to her assortment of bodily alterations. See the pics!
                                       Mia Lee Lip Augmentation
I think she opted for lip implants and not lip collagen injections, because the thickness of her lips is very even, whereas with injections, lips sometimes come out a tiny asymmetrical, for instance left side of the lip may look fatter than the right side.
Popularity: 40% [?]

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  1. I've been thinking about getting fillers, not a major surgery or anything, I think.
    But it seems like after seeing all these failure pictures and living with scars and ridiculous lips are worse than even having thin lips in the first place.