Megan Fox Wigs Out

Megan Fox
A fan of the site sent me new pictures of Megan Fox (that is not a vein on her forehead in the photo above, it is part of her lace front wig attachment) along with his notes on her facial reconfiguration (via
the new ones are from the latest movie premiere where she surfaced with a new emotionless bloated pig skinned face
Earth to Megan, you’re ruining your looks with the nips and tucks! Stop it.

I am pretty sure she has lip implants. Her mouth is wider in the second photo. Her original lips were perfect. Her nose is definitely narrower. Her old nose was more round.
Megan Fox
There is also a wave of backlash against Megan sweeping the internet. Her plastic surgery is merely fueling the flames. Check out what the people are saying!
This woman gets more and more unattractive by the day. She used to be a hot piece but in like, one year in the spotlight, she has destroyed herself. All she needed was a little Restalyne in her lips and she was fine. Whatever else she’s been doing to herself has truly put a wrecking ball to her looks. I’m definitely not buying her as a “Hollywood hottie” like they’ve been pushing her because no lie I saw more naturally pretty girls today at the hick ass mall I went to. Honestly Megan isn’t even as hot/as natural as some PORN STARS. And that vein is some Star Trek Next Generation shit for real.
From Angelina-ish to Octomom-ish in a couple of years… way to go, Brian Austin Green… yeah, I kinda blame him, with her being his meal ticket and all…
Its simple really. Her empty, soulless personality is coming out on her face. It was always in her eyes people just couldn’t see past the size 0 body and cat eyeliner
I knew she was plastic before this, but she still looked beautiful.
It is sad in a way that insecurity & vanity robbed this woman of her natural beauty. Instead of looking in her 20s, she looks more like a 50 year-old whose had a facelift, botox, lip fillers, cheek implants, nose thinning..
it’s taken me 5 hours but I’ve finally figured out who she looks like, Heidi Montag! Put a brown wig on Heidi and you wouldn’t know the difference! Same smug sneer and over inflated face. They could be sisters
She looks like something built in a Japanese lab.
Step away from the cheek implants, botox, lip fillers, Megan.
She looks like Pete Burns here
of course all that plastic makes her look more like a spare Angie made by Madame Tussaud’s new intern that they pay with college credits instead of cash. in other words, busted.
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