Daisy Fuentes Sends A Cease And Desist Order And We Don’t Desist

Obviously surgeried tv hostess Daisy Fuentes has sent AwfulPlasticSurgery.com a cease a desist notice over an article published two years ago where her breast are described as looking ‘fake’. I stand by that article, because I do think her breasts, at one time, were fake. I think she had her implants taken out more recently.
                                                 Daisy Fuentes a few years ago
                                Daisy's breasts a few years ago and a more recent photo
                                          Daisy Fuentes in the 90s and a more recent photo
I also think Daisy Fuentes has had plastic surgery on her face, such as rhinoplasty and a brow lift. She looked different in the 90s and now she somewhat resembles Cindy Crawford (not a bad thing, but Daisy was already cute before, cuter than Cindy even).

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